Beyond the Conflict

So long as the conflict in the Middle East continues, it is difficult to go “beyond the conflict.” Nevertheless, Israel should not be viewed solely through the prism of conflict. Those who have been to Israel, and have studied its history, know that it is a place of great beauty, vibrant culture (film, music, and dance), innovative science and technology, and strong business entrepreneurship. Israel should be represented and studied like other nations that are understood to be complex societies.  Too often it is the imperfections that are the focus of discussions about Israel, so it is important to also introduce the campus community to its many positive attributes.

Beyond the Conflict Ideas:

  • Bring in a lecturer on a non-political topic.
  • Show an Israeli film.
  • Bring in an Israeli performer.
  • Create an Israeli business cooperative or investment club.
  • Have an Israeli culture night.
  • Start a Krav Maga Club.
  • Start an Israeli Cooking Club.
  • Hold a Hookah Night.
  • Have a Tel-Aviv themed dance party.

Programming Resources:

Hasbara Fellowship Programs*

*Hasbara can send a campus coordinator to run the event for free, and often prove funding for food.