Students for Middle East Peace (SMEP) or Students for Peace and Freedom (SPF)

For a number of reasons, Hillels should start human rights groups and follow the lead of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) and Trade Unions for Linking Israel and Palestine (TULIP). The groups are meant to be supportive of Israelis, Palestinians, and peace.

This helps build allies and keeps progressive Jews at Hillel
Hillels must engage progressive Jewish students before they find somewhere else to express their liberal, Jewish values. A Hillel human rights group can be concerned just with Middle Eastern issues (SMEP) or can explore human rights issues around the globe (SPF), what is important is that they are there and active in the large campus progressive community. After all, young Jews should be concerned with human rights issues around the globe, and it is important that Hillels work to keep these Jews within the Jewish community. These groups should be sure to engage with others in the community to build allies on a variety of issues.