BDS Victories Abroad

While BDS on the American campus has been widely unsuccessful, it is relevant to note its few successes abroad as a reminder to the importance of efforts to stop BDS.


There’s another boycott, an international one, that’s gaining momentum – an economic boycott. Last week the Chilean parliament decided to adopt the boycott of Israeli products made in the settlements, at the behest of the Palestinian Authority, which imposed a boycott on such products several months ago.


In September 2009, Norway’s finance minister announced that a major government pension fund was selling its shares in Elbit Systems because of that company’s role in building the separation fence. In March, a major Swedish investment fund said it would eschew Elbit Systems shares on the same grounds. Last month the Norwegian pension fund announced that it was selling its holdings in Africa Israel and in its subsidiary Danya Cebus because of their involvement in constructing settlements in the occupied territories.


140 Irish artists make a nation-wide pledge to boycott Israel.

In March of 2014, the Students Union of the National University of Ireland in Galway voted that it “actively supports the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the State of Israel.” Out of 3,013 votes for eligible students 1,954 (64%) voted in favor of boycotts. It is also worth noting that pro-boycott students engaged in intimidating and thuggish behavior such as disrupting an anti-boycott meeting and tearing down anti-boycott fliers. 


Venezuela ordered to expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and some embassy staff on January 6, 2009 to protest Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry announced the move in a statement, saying it “has decided to expel the Israeli ambassador and part of the personnel of the Israeli embassy.”