List of BDS Failures

BDS often claims to have “momentum,” that one success will inevitably lead to another and another until they can disrupt Israel’s economy, and make Israel suffer.

UK media watch, has a continuous series updated every month with a list of failures of BDS.

That and other list of BDS Fails can be seen bellow from most recent:

BDS Group Plans¬†to Lobby Congress….while it’s in Recess

October 2016, Iphone 8 hardware is being developed in Israel

October 2016 Israeli scientists announce possible Alzheimer breakthrough

September 2016, Adam Lambert performs in Israel

Bank of Ireland shuts down anti-Israel BDS accounts

Spanish High Court Rules Against BDS

Samsung Open Branch in Tel Aviv

Seinfeld star lands in Israel

El Al Profits Doubled in 2nd Quarter.

June 2016 BDs fails to Prevent an Israeli Professor from British award

February 2016 Student-led BDS motion fails at McGuill

November 2015, IsraellyCool Reports: BDS page of the Students for Justice in Palestine website was built through Wix. An Israeli company.

July 2015 A Flashmob…workout to boycott SodaStream. It’s just awkward.

Feburary 2014, IsraellyCool reports that Code Pink used Wix

Check back at a later date to read more about BDS failures