The BDS Cookbook is put together by a group of academics and students concerned about the misrepresentations made by the BDS movement. In our small way we want to give people the tools to understand and respond to the coordinated attack on truth, democracy and fairness that is being waged by the global BDS movement.

Material on the Cookbook may be printed, republished, or posted to blogs freely, provided two links are included, one to http://www.stopbds.com and another to the specific page the material is sourced from.

We will continue to update the Cookbook, and your feedback, stories and contributions of content are welcome:

Requests: help@stopbds.com
If you need help with a specific situation on campus.

Questions: info@stopbds.com
If you need specific questions on BDS answered by the academics involved e.g. if you are a journalist.

Feedback: feedback@stopbds.com
If you want to comment, spot a typo, or feel something should be added.

Contributions: content@stopbds.com
If you have a link, page of content, video or graphic you own copyright in and would be happy for us to add (on the understanding we will then allow others to use it too).

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Cookbook, we hope it is of help to you.