Affirm the Importance of the US-Israel Relationship on your Campus

Follow the lead of the examples below and create a statement to represent your school’s support of a strong US-Israel relationship.

  • University of Georgia passes a Pro-Israel resolution, the first of 2015.
  • 120 student leaders at UCLA create a statement to affirm the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship.
  • Indiana University Student Association passes a¬†resolution to reaffirm US-Israel relationship at IU.
  • Pro-Israel campus activists at the University of Florida also succeeded in passing a resolution in the university’s student government. ¬†Approved by a vote of 74-3 in the student Senate, the resolution recognizes the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program and supports the implementation of sanctions on Iran. Partnering with student groups to educate campus leaders about the Iranian nuclear threat, pro-Israel activists gathered overwhelming support for the resolution on campus.