Questions for BDS Supporters

These questions have been extracted from journalist Ben-Dror Yemini’s letter to Roger Waters, Pink Floyd frontman, following his decision to join the BDS movement. Students can use these questions, or questions similar to them, to confront BDS supporters on campus.

  • Listen to the leaders of the [BDS] campaign. Read their manifesto. They don’t want two states for two peoples.  Not the end of the occupation, but the end of Israel. You can hear it in their own voices. Yes, there are Israelis among us who support this campaign. So instead of marvelling at our unparalleled democracy, you take advantage of the fact that Israeli democracy allows demonstrations like this, and you go and join the gang that is fighting against the very existence of the national home of the Jewish People.  That’s the position of Ahmadinejad, Al Qaida and Hamas. Is that your position?  Have you gone crazy? Are you in the peace camp?
  • Here’s a simple test for you.  Very simple. Ask your friends in the BDS one question:  “Do you support an agreement of two states for two peoples?” We’ve got news for you: They oppose it. They don’t want a Palestinian state alongside Israel, they want a Palestinian state in place of Israel.  That’s what’s written in the manifesto of BDS.  Read it, it’s in English. They write in it, “Right of Return”, which, loosely translated means “Destruction of Israel“. To remove any doubt, they have the right of return–to a Palestinian state alongside Israel, not in place of Israel.
  • You and your ilk, Mr. Waters, are simply prolonging the suffering of the Palestinians. You are encouraging the peace refuseniks among them.  You are encouraging their illusions.You are creating a new chapter of the Palestinian disaster. Who knows, if it were not for this support – by so many useful idiots – the Palestinians would have emerged from their position of refusal.  But when they see you, and you join up with them, they continue to refuse peace. So this is an opportunity for you, Mr. Waters, to prove that you’re a humanitarian and human rights activist.  It’s not complicated. Tell the Israelis and Palestinians and BDS people one thing:  the end of the conflict will come only if the two sides recognize the two-state solution. The side that refuses is the side that must be pressured, even boycotted.  Only when you say this simple thing to both sides will you truly be in the peace camp.  If you continue to support BDS, you are supporting refusal and the continuation of occupation and suffering.