2015 BDS Current Events

August 10 – Israel to Set up BDS Hotline for Exporters

June 18 – Swedish Supermarkets Back out of Israel Boycott after Media Campaign

April 13 – If I am not for myself, who will be for me? An op-ed from Stanford University

April 13 – Where BDS Loses: Unique Steps in Support of Israel on Campus

March 11 – UCLA Student Council Condemns Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Hate Speech

February 24 – University of Georgia Passes Pro-Israel Resolution

February 24 – Northwestern University President’s Statement about BDS

February 22 – Boycott Israel Movement Stunts the Palestinian Economy

February 17 – Illinois Representative Dold’s Statement on the BDS Movement

February 17 – Illinois Representative Schakowsky’s Statement on the BDS Movement

February 2 – Hamas on Campus at the University of California, Davis

January 29 – Anti-Israel BDS Movement is Fashionable in Academia, But Far from Invincible

January 28 – Does Northwestern Student Group Aim to Respect Palestine or Demonize Israel

January 24 – Palestinian Boycott of Israel is Misguided

January 9 – Knesset Report: BDS Movement Has No Impact on Economy

January 7 – Five Prominent University of Illinois Professors Support Decision to not Hire Steven Salaita

January 4 – American Historical Association (AHA) Rejects Anti-Israel Resolutions

January 2 – The Truth Behind BDS {video}