Faces of Israel: Initiative to Highlight Israeli Diversity

Israel is a diverse society with people from more than 100 nations who speak many languages and represent a variety of religious, social and cultural traditions. Celebrating Israeli diversity through cultural and educational events is a good way to illustrate that Israel is not simply a nation in conflict. An Israel Fest or Israel Diversity Day can also provide opportunities for coalition building with groups whose members share the same or similar traditions. is also a great chance to ask other student groups to work with you on an event that relates to both Israel and their communities.

Examples of Israel’s Diverse Democracy

Israel Diversity Day/Israel Fest: Faces of Israel

  • Teach students about Israel’s diversity by setting up tables for each Israeli minority at an event or in a public area.
  • Hold an event celebrating Israel diversity, which could take place at an Israel Fest or Israel Peace Week. In addition to the program, you could serve Israeli food and play Israeli music to teach more about the culture.
  • Raffle off prizes to students who come to the table or who participate in an activity.
  • Try to engage campus minority/progressive groups in a discussion program about diversity.

Groups to Highlight Israeli Diversity Include: