The Right Debate: Dialogue Not Division

“The view of Israel as a monolithic entity composed of racists and brutal oppressors is a caricature. Israel is a complex society, struggling with itself. The forces of good and evil, and many in between, are locked in a daily battle on many different fronts.”

— Uri Avneri

BDS presupposes Israelis are monsters. Is this the right way to start an honest debate?

The way to peace is through dialogue, not demonization.

An honest dialogue for peace might focused on:

  • Building up the Palestinian economy.
  • Increasing education, dialogue, and cooperation between Israeli Jews and Palestinians and their supporters.
  • Decreasing the influence of radical groups that promote violence.
  • Fostering reconciliation between traumatized populations.

Real peacemakers befriend both sides; they don’t isolate cultures.

Fostering Reconciliation, Tolerance and Coexistence

Consider working with pro-peace NGOs in Israel and the West Bank: